In the term of Staffing Augmentation Services, KAN INFOCOM SOLUTION INDIA PVT LTD is IT Recruiting, Training, and Consulting Company that is dedicated to providing excellent services to its clients and customers for their staffing and training needs. We have been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in India. The recruiting services we offer are focused on contractual base Staffing, Permanent Staffing, Contract-to-hire, offshore recruitment, outsourcing, and consulting agreements. Since 2018, we have provided our technical services to several companies which are well known in IT Industry. Our company is committed to maintaining a culture of integrity, diversity, and ethics throughout the organization and its associated partners. We are also providing BI & Advance Analytics Solution and Human Resource Management Tool.KAN INFOS places great value in providing professional, high quality candidates and services, and with our experienced recruiters, we are positioned to meet your business challenges and goals. KAN INFOCOM SOLUTION also has the capacity to execute projects such as web applications, mobile applications, software testing, and project management.

The IT recruiting services we offer are focused on:

  • Contractual Staffing Augmentation

    When you need to supplement your core team of employees, an individual or team of consultants can be hired through KAN INFOCOM SOLUTION. on an hourly basis to execute critical projects and optimize workforce performance.

  • KAN INFOCOM SOLUTION consultant can be placed on a contract-to-hire basis, giving you the opportunity to evaluate the consultant’s performance before committing to a long-term, permanent hiring decision.

  • KAN INFOCOM SOLUTION is happy to share the news of it’s State of the art facility in all over Pan India, where we are committed to providing the best IT resources on the project basis to work on your global project. This will give your company an advantage of completing additional unplanned projects within your initial budget.

  • When increased demand, company growth, or employee turnover creates open positions, KAN INFOCOM SOLUTION. can work closely with your business to define hiring criteria and recruit high-caliber professionals.

How Staffing Augmentation Works?

Staffing Augmentation, or better known as subcontracting, is primarily outsourcing of manpower on a skill requirement basis or project completion basis for a limited period of time. Staffing may be desired when there is a dynamic requirement of people, or there is a requirement of skilled staff, or the requirement is for a limited period.

Why Staffing Augmentation?

Temporary staffing is an area where employers can make efficient large scale strategic savings on staffing requirements, keep a flexible effective workforce to hand and maintain staff through difficult times. The temporary staffing agencies will place temporary staff according to contracts available. This means employers will not have to outlay costs such as holiday pay, sickness benefits or other fringe benefits of permanent employment – except where official government regulations stipulate, temporary staff receives the same benefits.

These savings on temporary staffing – including Statutory Benefit schemes and insurances and perks, can be large when a percentage of the labour force is temporary. Buying in the right skills for the right projects seems like a good idea so far.

The right job at the right place with the right fit is humanly possible.


How We Do

Before we started searching for candidates, We study about the requirement of our Clients in detail, We put our team to find a suitable candidate in various platforms, after getting suitable candidate we create interest around our clients company to attract the best candidate for our clients. No other Staffing Augmentation Companies Will be able to match the quality of our candidates which we used to find a candidate for our clients. We customized our talent search to our client’s specific requirements so that we can shortlist the candidates that are most capable of handling the unique challenges that they will face at the organisation of our clients.